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Looks really cool! Any camera panning?


Yes, I have a lot of perspective changes and camera panning in the game. :-)


Great stuff mate. Did you animate the characters? I am thinking of getting the sci-fi pack but unsure if I need to animate the characters myself as I am a designer, coder and writer.

No, I did not animate the characters. I used some animation from the Unity Adventure Game demo and you can easily get animations from Adobe Mixamo!!! They provide a lot of free animations.


And by the way: Thanks ! :-)

The characters from Synty Studio are fully rigged. So, it's very easy to apply human animations to them. Furthermore, I'm using the asset "Adventure Creator". So, even if I'm a software developer, I do not need to code anything. It's great for me, because I save a lot of time and can concentrate on the story.