A downloadable Pirate Adventure Game for Windows and macOS

"Albert - The Pirate" is a Click&Point Adventure Game. It's about Albert and Pirates and an adventure. Hopefully, it will be a little bit fun to play at the end... we will see.

Currently, the first 2 scenes are playable.

The game is available in English and in German language.

Game Play

For opening the inventory, you have to use the scroll wheel of the mouse.

Left Mouse Button: Use/Talk Action
Right Mouse Button: Examine Action


  • 3D Models mostly done by Synty Studio
  • Animations mostly from Adobe Mixamo
  • Unity asset "Adventure Creator" makes things much easier

Install instructions

MacOS / Windows

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Unzip
  3. Double click on program file


albert-the-pirate-osx.zip 57 MB
Version 6 Feb 28, 2019
albert-the-pirate-win.zip 54 MB
Version 6 Feb 28, 2019

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Looks really cool! Any camera panning?


Yes, I have a lot of perspective changes and camera panning in the game. :-)


Great stuff mate. Did you animate the characters? I am thinking of getting the sci-fi pack but unsure if I need to animate the characters myself as I am a designer, coder and writer.

No, I did not animate the characters. I used some animation from the Unity Adventure Game demo and you can easily get animations from Adobe Mixamo!!! They provide a lot of free animations.


And by the way: Thanks ! :-)

The characters from Synty Studio are fully rigged. So, it's very easy to apply human animations to them. Furthermore, I'm using the asset "Adventure Creator". So, even if I'm a software developer, I do not need to code anything. It's great for me, because I save a lot of time and can concentrate on the story.